My musical expression has always been diverse, sometimes outright strange.
In my music I usually seek to explore the less frequented spaces which can be entered by means of organized sound.

The Weird Side of the Mundane


"The Weird Side of the Mundane" is my début album. A sonic exploration through hidden worlds afloat on a metaphysical plane.

Designed and crafted to be a continuous experience where each track is a part of the one before and together they paint a both abstract and very personal picture.

Thinking of this album in terms of "Music" in a traditional sense would not be recommended. Rather approach it as a collage of sound. Let your mind wander and just accept the weirdness of it all and you may very well be rewarded with a experience unlike most other.
released October 1, 2013

Dedicated to:
Johanna, Ted, Dad.
Special Thanks:
Richard Devine, James Earthenware and my family.


All tracks composed by Johan Ekelöv at Treehouse studio
All tracks mixed by Johan Ekelöv
Cover by Johan Ekelöv

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at AudibbleOddites -

© 2013 - Johan Ekelöv aka Intro Spectral
all rights reserved
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    Intro 0:53
  2. 2
    Flora 3:53
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